TV Presenter Part-Time Saturday

As a budding TV Presenter anything can happen, the way you look, the way you dress, the way you speak, all has a dramatic impact on how people feel about you.

Details :

Saturday | 1pm - 4pm | 4 weeks - £25.00/hour


Take a TV presenter course to become a professional TV presenter. Learn how to present in front of the camera. TV Presenter Lessons, courses. Make a show reel.

Course Level: Beginners and Intermediate.

Key Benefits of taking this course:

  • London2bollywood Diploma
  • TV Presenter Practical experience
  • Professional Tutor
  • TV Presenter show reel
  • TV Presenter camera techniques
  • Voice Over techniques for TV Presenters
  • Interview skills
  • How to write good TV Presenter links

What happens during the TV Presenter Course

each week builds your confidence and slowly but surely become a confident TV Presenter ready for the industry? The TV presenter course is an excellent opportunity to learn and experience from professional TV presenters who are motivated in helping you become a TV presenter. Make your unique show reel with London2bollywood and learn most important TV Presenter Techniques. Please note that week 4 is (one whole day) from 9.30am - 4pm, this is for filming of your show-reel, make-up and general preparation for your TV presenter show-reel.

Course Outline:

  • A guide on how to write presenter scripts.
  • A look at personality, style and general show presentation.
  • Interviewing, Presenting and Reporting Techniques.
  • Tips on how to get the best from your voice.
  • Advice on how to break into the TV industry.
  • Create a professional TV presenter show reel.

Once you have completed the TV Presenter course, you will receive a London2bollywoodTV Presenter Diploma and TV Presenting Show reel